Using our HempTonic Face Oil

What's it like using a face oil for the first time? Here's my experience of Hark & Zander's HempTonic Face Oil featuring organically grown Hempseed Oil

It's easy for us to rave on about how amazing Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil is but until you've tried it you really don't know just how life changing this product actually is. And that's not marketing hyperbole!

When I first tried Hark & Zander's HempTonic Face Oil, I was sceptical that it would make any notable difference. I've tried enough products to know that caution is a good emotion when it comes to believing the claims. But I am happy and humbled to say that I was amazed (yes, I felt actual amazement) at the results. The best part about it was that it felt indulgent - that warm facecloth covering my face and then a quick wipe (no harsh rubbing here) and everything disappeared - even my stubborn eye make up. I had to take a double look to check I wasn't being deceived. "What magic is this?" I wondered. Over the course of about ten days I realised I was in love. My redness calmed, my pores surrendered, my skin soaked it all up like it was saying "Where have you been all my life!?" It was a match made in heaven.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's just a couple of comments from our customers and their experiences using HempTonic Face Oil for the first time...

“This oil is superb! I have difficult skin - highly sensitive to both environment and product - sometimes dry (especially in winter once the heat pump goes on), at other times combination with occasional break outs. This stuff works beautifully on my complex, ever changing complexion! It sinks in effortlessly leaving my skin smooth, perfectly moisturised and well nourished. I wear foundation every day and the Hark & Zander oil is the perfect base. The smell and feel of this oil is just divine - it's like giving yourself a mini facial every day. I have ditched all my cream moisturisers, serums and eye creams in favour of this one product. Next I am going to offer a few drops to my teenage daughter to help reduce her inflamed teenage skin. Love that it is sustainably produced in Aotearoa - well done to all involved. What a beautiful product.” 
- Lucy Moore - Google Review

“This oil is amazing. I'm on my fifth bottle. Now I'm also using it as a face cleanser and so far it cleans my face removes my makeup and my face feels super clean. I vote we get Hark & Zander into retail shops now too. Can't wait for the new products to be launched too. Thank you for making such a life changing oil!” 
- Merina Foster - Facebook 

“My husband is loving using your HempTonic face oil. He says: 'It's a winner!' His sensitive skin is loving it, thanks” 
- Sido Kitchin  - Email

“What a beautiful product. It nourishes my skin perfectly, it feels soft and gives me this healthy vital look and what a nice fragrance. Tried many, this I love. SPARK AND WONDER.”
- Sigrun Hengstler - Google Review


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