Our Story

Our Past and Future

A Modern Twist for Ancient Hempheart


The Revelation

The Evolution

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The vision

So essentially we're saying:

"Listen up! We want to share this with you. This crazy-amazing skincare range full of hempheart-goodness will help your skin. It will defend (protect, nourish, feed and nurture) your skin to the healthy glow you crave." 

Yes, we managed to get all that in a name: Hark & Zander.

The revolution

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New Zealand’s first luxury Hempheart Oil Skincare

What is the secret behind the success of our premium skincare range? The secret’s in the bottle. Or more specifically the secret lies in our hero ingredient: Organically grown NZ hempheart.

“It’s one of nature’s wonder-plants. We’ve had to innovate to get here, but its worth it to now have products that rival the best.”

Kirsty Harkness - Founder