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Helps every bit of makeup glide away with ease

Absolutely loved this oil cleanser! Very light and smooth, not too heavy for the skin but helps every bit of makeup glide away with ease. Perfect for those hard to remove waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks. LOVE!

I love the feel of my skin

I have been using your cleansing oil and face oil. They are right up there with other luxury brands I have worked with. I love the feel of my skin after using them, your products are amazing!

HempTonic Face Oil Duo
Connie Charlton
The face oil is devine!

I absolutely Love the packaging - so refreshing to have something completely different and so attractive. Needless to say the face oil is devine! It is so very light, only a small amount needed and it makes an difference straight away. (In my opinion) I definitely look younger - particularly my neck! It has become my oil of choice.

Skin is glowing

I just received my body oil - it made it all the way to Fiji. Already smothered myself - its amazing - skin is glowing - other oils make my skin look oily - this product doesnt and a few drops goes a long way. Face oil is amazing too. Next product please ??

My skin was looking the best my nurse had ever seen it

I have been having regular Medical Grade Skin Peel treatment as maintenance for my facial skin care.
The last time I went to my appointment the therapist (Registered Nurse) mentioned that my skin was looking the best she had ever seen it and asked me if I had been doing anything different.
I told her that I had been using the Hark and Zander Hemp-Tonic Face Oil. She replied - that will be it - keep using it, I can see it has made a very positive difference.
So from me, thank you. I would highly recommend your product to others.

Non-greasy, quick absorbtion

HempLavish Body Oil is amazing! ANon-greasy, quick absorbtion and a great scent that isn't overpowering.

Absolutely love this product.

I have suffered from dry sun damaged skin for many years I've only been using this product for about 10 days and my skin is soft and haven't suffered from 40 year old acne which I've been struggling with for the past 10 years. I Absolutely love this product!

HempTonic Face Oil
Suz Phillips
Best skin salve

Best skin salve I've ever used.

My H&Z Hemptonic Face Oil is brilliant!!


Awesome - best oil, best customer service.

Dramatic improvement in only weeks!

I purchased 2 bottles of this beautiful oil and we absolutely love it! I have had very dry skin and dermatitis since reaching mid forties, this is hands down the best product I've tried. Dramatic improvement in only weeks! The other bottle was for my teenage daughter who has acne prone and very sensitive skin. It has helped calm her skin, reduce inflammation and we've noticed an improvement in acne scarring. Well done you have created an amazing product!

HempTonic Face Oil
Jackie Scott
The most beautiful glowing skin

If you havent tried this product this its a must - it gives you the most beautiful glowing skin without the oily look and feel-Ive always had dry skin and this is amazing -i get so many comments asking why I look younger ??

HempTonic Face Oil
Lynley Taylor

Completely cured the rough peeling patches that had been there long term on my face

HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil
Gloria Dick-Ngatai Koia
Well this is a surprise

I love the Body Skin Oil its so pure & light and very effective. Used it on my knees and wow what relief and no pain that I have been able to walk a good distance to stretch out my whole leg , with no pain! Awesome ! So I will be purchasing another bottle very soon & encourage others too. Thank you!

HempTonic Face Oil
Diane Tasker
This is the best thing I have used on my skin

This is the best thing I have used on my skin which reacts to most products I would like my daughter to try it too.

My skin feels soft and hydrated

I have been using the HempTonic Face Oil for a few weeks now and I find it absolutely beautiful. Only 3 drops morning and night on my face and its gorgeous.  My skin feels soft and hydrated and will definitely be ordering more before it runs out. Thanks Hark and Zander for this beautiful product.

The scent is perfect - not too overpowering

The box is so wonderful. What a surprise how it folds out and it's so beautiful on the inside. And then its so easy to recycle. And the scent is perfect - not too overpowering, just lovely. And I'm so pleased at how quickly it absorbs as so many oils get onto clothes. It's just great!

HempTonic Face Oil
Jenny Wheeler
Just the thing to slap on before going to the gym

Love your face oil - gorgeous smell and just the thing to slap on before going to the gym - keeps face moist - dare I say even dewy - until Ive exercised and showered! Thanks Hark & Zander!!

I have ditched all my cream moisturisers, serums and eye creams in favour of this one product

This oil is superb! I have difficult skin - highly sensitive to both environment and product - sometimes dry (especially in winter once the heat pump goes on), at other times combination with occasional break outs. This stuff works beautifully on my complex, ever changing complexion! It sinks in effortlessly leaving my skin smooth, perfectly moisturised and well nourished. I wear foundation every day and the Hark and Zander oil is the perfect base. The smell and feel of this oil is just divine - it's like giving yourself a mini facial every day. I have ditched all my cream moisturisers, serums and eye creams in favour of this one product. Next I am going to offer a few drops to my teenage daughter to help reduced her inflamed teenage skin. Love that it is sustainably produced in Aotearoa - well done to all involved. What a beautiful product.

HempTonic Face Oil
Amanda Pilbrow
My dry cheeks have healed.

This product is brilliant. Its all I use now- morning, under my makeup and at night. My dry cheeks have healed. My makeup stays fresh. Even though its an oil it absorbs beautiful.

HempTonic Face Oil
Sheetal Rambhai
Huge fan!

So impressed with this oil. Im a skincare addict and have tried so many products - this one is a goodie. I like the smell and the way it absorbs into my skin making it feel nourished and smooth.
Huge fan!

HempTonic Face Oil
Anna Paterson
Changed my skin game massively

I want to say this oil has changed my skin game massively! Its a glorious gold bath for your skin - the first and last thing to touch my face daily.

HempTonic Face Oil
Vicki Beguely
Everyone needs a bottle of this in their home.

This product is a miracle worker!! I use it as a moisturiser and it feels SO good on my skin, I use it as a make-up remover and feels so much more gentle than chemical makeup remover and I've used it on my dry hands and it's made them soft and supple instead of dry and broken. Everyone needs a bottle of this in their home.

It fits my skin well

This product is amazing. I have sensitive skin, but this oil is not irritating, so it fits my skin well. I put it on before I go to bed and my skin is still moist until morning. I love it!

This oil is amazing.

This oil is amazing. I'm on my fifth bottle. Now I'm also using it as a face cleanser and so far it cleans my face removes my makeup and my face feels super clean. I vote we get Hark & Zander into retail shops now too. Can't wait for the new products to be launched too. Thank you for making such a life changing oil!