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“... beautiful Hark & Zander Face Oil. Lovely fine texture and easily absorbed, and smells so pleasant (love it). Also, love the packaging right down to the monogrammed tissue. Well done.” 
- Glenis  

“Parcel arrived this morning and I have used the oil on my face and I absolutely love it! So soothing, rejuvenating and beautifully aromatic!” 
- Justyna van Rooyen 

“I love how it [HempTonic Face Oil] sinks in rather than sits on top of skin like some others I have tried. I honestly love it!” 
- Claire Hahn  

“My husband is loving using your hemp face oil. He says: 'It's a winner!' His sensitive skin is loving it, thanks” 
- Sido Kitchin  

This is my new holy grail product! I have combination acne prone skin and so have always struggled to find skincare that works for me. This literally makes my pores sing, my skin has never looked this bright and glowy. I am so happy with HempTonic. An absolute staple to my skincare routine!” 
- Bex Watkin

“Hark and Zander HempTonic is one magical potion. I am someone who has very sensitive oily skin and I need to be careful with the products I use. This tonic absorbs into my skin so beautifully. My entire adult life I have had small black heads on my nose, which were impossible to break down, even with an exfoliator. After using this tonic for only one week, all the black heads have just vanished, I was actually shocked. I highly recommend this product. Use it as a cleanser and a moisturizer.. You will not regret it."
- Ellen Main 

“I’m loving this oil! My skin feels so comfortable and redness has toned down. I usually react to most things and get teary eyes with strong fragrances. I don't have any of this with HempTonic.” 
- Miriam W 

“HempTonic has been a skin saver for me - it has balanced out my skin. Overall my skin looks and feels better and brighter.” 
- Jason Goodson 

“Beautiful fragrance but not overpowering. It absorbed quickly and deeply into my naturally oilier skin and left it looking and feeling hydrated, nourished and glowing, but not at all greasy. I love using it at night-time to remove makeup and then layering it on top of my night-time serum as part of my evening routine.”  
- Brittany Raleigh 

“I’ve loved using the Hark and Zander HempTonic, it has calmed down the redness on my face and made my skin feel super smooth! It’s also great knowing this product is NZ made and has quality ingredients that will improve my skin long term” 
- Krissy Pąk 

“I adore this product, it’s a light oil but super hydrating. Sinks into my skin and looks perfect under my makeup!” 
- Lucy Stewart 

“I tried this tonic to try and combat the issues I was having with my skin regarding dark spots and dry patches. I use it religiously morning and night and have noticed such a difference! My skin finally looks hydrated and plump.”
- Isabel Mahler 

“This tonic is heavenly, my skin literally drinks it up! I love it so much, definitely a ride or die product.”
- Tilly Menzies 

“I could see myself using this as an all-round face moisturiser and beard oil. Nice feel and smell.”
- Gavin Armstrong 

“It feels like you are luxuriating your skin. This product is also great at moisturising after a shave! Maybe it's the lack of dodgy chemicals that makes it so good.”
- Ant Saunders 

“This feels amazing on my skin. I have really dry skin and this feels great. Light, not greasy, smells great and skin looks great too.”
- Michelle Morley 

“Love my oil, it's a beautiful product!! Can't wait for the hair oil & body oil.”
- Jo Reid

“OMG I swear I've got 5years back! love it. when are you making a product for the rest of my body...it needs to catch up with my face. Definitely recommend this product.”
- Chris Porter 

“What a beautiful product. It nourishes my skin perfectly, it feels soft and gives me this healthy vital look and what a nice fragrance. Tried many, this I love. SPARK AND WONDER.”
- Sigrun Hengstler 

“Love it! And the smell is delicious. Have tried other facial oils and this is the best so far.”
- Mel Gordon 

“Totally love my Hark and Zander. It feels like putting luxury over my face. My face stays looking plump and moisturised all day and into the next on one application and that's harder to achieve at 50. So surprised at how well it cleanses as well.”
- Rachel Humphrey 

“Absolutely love this product. I have suffered from dry sun damaged skin for many years I've only been using this product for about 10 days and my skin is soft and haven't suffered from 40 year old acne which I've been struggling with for the past 10 years. I absolutely love this product!”
- Heidi Te Are 

“That oil I sampled is so good! My hand today still feels way softer than the other even after multiple washes and baby bath time. I'm off to buy it from your website now!”
- Karen 

“Hark and Zander's new Hemp Seed Face Oil is surprisingly good for my skin. The changes were obvious from about day 3. Thoroughly recommend. I was so hesitant to try it as I didn't understand how hemp seed oil would make my face smooth. It has absolutely toned down the redness in my cheeks and even the bottom of my neck. From the years of skin damage this HempTonic Face Oil has brought my skin back to life. I had just assumed it was ageing - apparently just bad skincare routine. Who knew?”
- Lydia

“I gave your oil a go last night before bed, I had had quite a flare up of my facial psoriasis earlier that day and my face was quite red, scaly and itchy. I woke up this morning and the psoriasis had cleared up and my face felt so soft.”
- Sharon McLeod 

“I purchased 2 bottles of this beautiful oil and we absolutely love it! I have had very dry skin and dermatitis since reaching mid-forties, this is hands down the best product I've tried. Dramatic improvement in only weeks! The other bottle was for my teenage daughter who has acne prone and very sensitive skin. It has helped calm her skin, reduce inflammation and we've noticed an improvement in acne scarring. Well done, you have created an amazing product!”
- Olywn Andrews

“Hi Ladies, I am loving the oil. I am 76, have had shingles on my face, neck and chest several times, my skin is now very sensitive, I frequently get rashes, and have rosacea. There was very little I could safely use on my face. I'm very happy to tell you I have had no reaction at all, the rosacea has calmed and my skin is looking good. I like that it sinks into the skin, doesn't look great and smells lovely. A bonus is that I drop it on the back of my hand to more easily transfer to my face, my hands are now looking much better too.”
- Diane

These are genuine customer responses to our Hemp-based skincare. We aren't making health claims by sharing them with you. Results may vary. Try for yourself and let us know how you find it. We think you'll love it too!


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