HempTonic Face Oil

It Cleanses and Moisturises!

That’s right! HempTonic Face Oil has been designed to be dual-purpose. It’s an antioxidant cleanser and moisturiser that won’t mess up your natural skin barrier – it lifts away impurities and feeds your skin gently with natural botanicals. Perfect for sensitive, red, dry or blemish-prone skin, HempTonic will help nourish, repair and restore balance to your skin without clogging pores, making it perfect for all skin types.

Follow our simple four-step guide to oil cleanse away any excess oil, dirt, SPF or makeup from your day and then let it soak in to moisturise deeply.

Step 1: Massage In

Place 5 drops of HempTonic Face Oil on the palms of your hands and in an upwards, circular motion gently begin massaging HempTonic into your face and neck. Allow this to be a gentle massage for your face for a minute or two.This will relax muscles, increase blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Step 2: Warm Wash

A clean, warm washcloth is essential to remove excess oil and makeup. Place the washcloth under warm water and ring out. Create a steam over your face by laying over your face for a few seconds this will begin to break down any oils on your skin.

Step 3: Wipe Away

Wipe away excess makeup and oil with the washcloth and be amazed at how easily even the toughest eye makeup wipes away.

HempTonic Face Oil is so gentle on the skin that this process can be repeated.

Follow with your toner and serums

Step 4: Moisturise

Place 3 drops of HempTonic Face Oil on the tips of your fingers, dab onto the face and gently massage in an upward, circular motion. Use morning and night after cleansing and toning to nourish your skin. Our beautiful natural oil will soak itself in.

Hark & Zander’s Oil Cleansing Method Hacks!

  • For best results we recommend using HempTonic Face Oil in the morning and at night.
  • It can take a week or two for your skin to adjust to a new process or product, just like any other product. Start by trying the oil cleansing method every few days until your skin adjusts.
  • If you have eyelash extensions, keep oil away as it can remove your extensions.
  • At night HempTonic Face Oil is best applied half an hour before bed to let the beautiful oil soak in.

What have our customers found when they used Hark & Zander?

Check out our customer review page, which shows how others have fallen in love with our HempTonic Face Oil as part of their daily skincare routine. It doesn't matter what your skin type, our HempTonic Face Oil will leave your skin nourished, repaired and restored.