6 Top Tips For Glowing Skin This Spring!

6 Top Tips For Glowing Skin This Spring!

Spring is here and we couldn’t be more excited! We love this time of year when nature comes back to life and our gardens are full of abundance.There's nothing quite like the eager anticipation of warmer weather, more sunshine, longer days and shrugging off the slippers and jerseys in favour of Birks and a tee.

And with that change we know there's a little more skin on display. Winter doesn't exactly encourage glowing, dewy skin but don't worry - it is easy to get your skincare game back on track and achieve that gorgeous glow! 

1. Hydration is key!
Water is your skins BFF. Drinking water improves your digestion, kidney function and gut health which has a HUGE impact on your skin. Get creative and flavour your water with lemon, mint, cucumber, lime or berries which have the added benefit of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

2. SPF every day
Don’t forget that even on a cloudy day the suns harmful rays can still cause skin damage, especially here in Aotearoa! Invest in a good quality non-comedogenic sunscreen that won’t block your pores. The Cancer Society recommend applying sunscreen from September through until April when UV index is 3 or above. You can check it out on NIWA.  Make it a habit to apply it daily before your makeup but we all know to reapply repeatedly on those beach, blanket, barbecue days… Your skin will thank you for it!

3. Choose the right skincare
The right skincare is essential to getting that gorgeous glow you desire. You want non-comedogenic skincare that is full of omegas, nutrients and antioxidants.

At Hark & Zander we care deeply about the purity of our products and our ingredients are 100% naturally sourced from nature and proven by science.

All of our products contain organically grown Whanganui or Hawke’s Bay Hempseed Oil which contains essential fatty acids, Omega-3, -6 and -9 and so many other goodies that your skin craves. Hempseed Oil is rated lowest on the comedogenic scale which means it won’t clog your pores and helps regulate oil production. Its calming properties can help reduce skin aggravation from all sorts of ailments like scarring, blemishes and dry scaly skin. It is packed with anti-aging amino acids to keep your skin healthy and happy. Amazing right!

You can read more about our ingredients here.

Here’s a little summary of what is so amazing about each of our products…

HempTonic Face Oil
Our HempTonic Face Oil contains 100% pure plant extracts - nine vitamin-rich superfood plant oils to be exact, each one playing a vital role in restoring and nourishing your skin.

HempPurify Emulsifying Oil Cleanser
Our HempPurify Emulsifying Oil Cleanser is a botanically active blend of natural oils that will gently cleanse and feed your skin to lock in moisture and leave your skin clean, fresh and cared for. It harnesses the powerful properties of hempseed oil, used for centuries to rejuvenate the skin along with Native New Zealand Kawakawa.

HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil
With our HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil we’ve blended our organically grown hempseed oil specifically for the needs of our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and demands surprisingly specific attention. We added vitamin A-rich Apricot Kernel Oil for deep nourishment of the skin and long lasting moisture and Macadamia Nut Oil which is packed with flavonoids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to rejuvenate and restore the skin.

4. Get enough sleep
With lockdown restrictions and shifting alert levels it can be easy to get stressed and out of routine with your sleeping patterns. But did you know that the quality of your sleep can have an impact on your skin’s health? This is because our skin restores itself by regenerating new skin cells and producing collagen when we sleep. The theory is: wind down at least an hour before bedtime and create a relaxing bedtime routine. This will train your brain to know when it’s time for sleep. If you’re after a 2 hour exposé on all things sleep take a listen to this podcast with Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California. It will literally change the way you approach sleep!

5. Consider investing in a silk pillowslip
Silk pillowslips are great for glowing skin. They reduce the friction on your skin (and hair) and prevent your skin from creasing. Silk fabrics don’t absorb dust mites and consume less moisture, dust and bacteria - they really are a much kinder surface to rest your skin against. Our personal (non-sponsored) favourites are from New Zealand brand Penney + Bennett.

6. Eat all the colours of the rainbow
Eat your way to healthy skin with colourful and nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables. Spring is the perfect time to add beautiful, in season, local produce to your diet! Avocados are packed with vitamins C & E and moisturising monounsaturated fatty acids, blueberries and tomatoes are a potent source of powerful antioxidants and those all important leafy greens are rich in skin loving vitamins and antioxidants. Bring on the seasonal fruit and vege, we’ve missed you!

So there you have it - follow these easy steps and you’ll achieve that gorgeous glow in no time! 

If you are considering trying our products for the first times you can read our amazing customer reviews here. We know you will love them just as much as we do! 

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