Revolutionise You Skincare Drop by Drop with Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil

Revolutionise You Skincare Drop by Drop with Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil

Media release                                                                                        September 14, 2020


Revolutionise Your Skincare Drop by Drop with Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil!


Lockdown might be over but the daily juggle is real – don’t let your skin give the game away! Put your best face forward with Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil – revolutionising your skincare drop by drop! 


The unique formulation, crafted with love in Aotearoa by Hark & Zander, harnesses the powerhouse properties of hempseed oil used for centuries to rejuvenate skin. 


A skin-loving elixir that boasts 100 percent natural ingredients, Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil is an antioxidant cleanser and moisturiser that won’t mess up your natural skin barrier – it lifts away impurities and feeds your skin gently with natural botanicals. 


If you’re battling sensitive, red or blemish prone skin, Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil will help nourish, repair and restore balance to your skin without clogging pores. Perfect for all skin types, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be putting your best face forward! 


Purity is a priority with Hark & Zander – each ingredient has been carefully selected to improve texture, brighten complexion and leave your skin radiant and smooth. Yes please! The botanically active blend in Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil combines specially chosen natural oils including squalane and sea buckthorn to help leave your skin fresh and bright – and give you the glow you deserve.


Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil contains nine vitamin-rich superfood plant oils, each of which play a vital role in restoring and nourishing your skin. Even better, it’s cruelty free, with no artificial colour or fragrance.

Founder Kirsty Harkness says she’s excited to launch the new product with hempseed oil boasting benefits not just for our skin but also the soil it's grown in. 


“Our skin is our biggest organ, yet it's plied with chemicals. I am allergic to so many things now, so am going back to natural products. We are also working to keep the business as environmentally friendly as possible, so that’s meant sourcing local ingredients, along with recyclable glass bottles and backyard compostable courier bags,” she says.

So here’s the downlow on what you’re putting onto your skin: 

  • Hempseed Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil 
  • Squalane
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Grapefruit Peel Oil
  • Ylang-ylang Oil 


Use Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil on the daily


Oil Cleansing method:


  • Place 5 drops of oil on your palms, gently massage into your face and neck. 
  • With a warm damp cloth wipe away makeup in an upward circular motion for freshly cleansed skin. 
  • Follow with toner and moisturise as below. 


Oil Moisturising method:


  • Place 3 drops of oil on the tips of your fingers, dab onto the face and gently massage in an upward circular motion. 
  • Use morning and night after cleansing and toning to nourish your skin. The beautiful natural oil will soak itself in.


Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil (RRP $68, 30ml) is available now