What makes our HempTonic Face Oil so special? The top 5 reasons our customers love HempTonic!

What makes our HempTonic Face Oil so special? The top 5 reasons our customers love HempTonic!

With the world of beauty products being such a crowded marketplace, we know that choosing the right skincare can feel like a daunting task!

There are so many factors to consider, which can make it feel overwhelming. We thought we would make it easy for you and answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

Here are the top 5 reasons that our customers tell us that HempTonic is the best oil for their face. 

1. HempTonic is ultra-nourishing for all skin types

In our award winning specially formulated HempTonic Face Oil, we use a masterful blend of natures finest oils including organically Grown Whanganui Hempseed Heart Oil (cold pressed), for a divine golden oil that soaks in beautifully.  

HempTonic uses the best oils for skin in a combination that is heavenly for all skin types. Hempseed Oil and Grapeseed Oil, for example are both non-comedogenic oils meaning that they won’t clog your pores and will actually help to regulate your skins natural oil production. 

Dramatic improvement in only weeks! "I purchased 2 bottles of this beautiful oil and we absolutely love it! I have had very dry skin and dermatitis since reaching mid forties, this is hands down the best product I've tried. Dramatic improvement in only weeks! The other bottle was for my teenage daughter who has acne prone and very sensitive skin. It has helped calm her skin, reduce inflammation and we've noticed an improvement in acne scarring. Well done you have created an amazing product!" Olwyn Andrews 

2. HempTonic contains natures finest anti-ageing ingredients including Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn and Squalane 

Each ingredient in our HempTonic Face Oil has been carefully selected to improve texture, brighten complexion and leave your skin radiant and smooth. 

Here are a few ingredient highlights to focus in on its goodness:

Vitamin E is the anti-ageing superstar of skincare. We made sure to include it in HempTonic for all its regenerating goodness to target pigmentation and scarring in particular. 

Sea Buckthorn is best known in skincare for healing scarring, repairing sun damage, boosting collagen and retaining the skin’s moisture. One of its many secrets is that it contains carotenoids, these are important antioxidants absorbed by the top layers of your skin to help combat ageing.

Squalane is the hydrogenated form of squalene (with an ‘e’) which is a lipid we produce naturally but our production of it deteriorates with age. Squalane is an amazing detoxifier fighting off free radicals to stop those wrinkles in their tracks! Cosmetics have in the past sourced this ingredient from shark liver oil, fear not, H&Z use only plant-based Squalane from Olives.

My skin was looking the best my nurse had ever seen it. "I have been having regular Medical Grade Skin Peel treatment as maintenance for my facial skin care. The last time I went to my appointment the therapist (Registered Nurse) mentioned that my skin was looking the best she had ever seen it and asked me if I had been doing anything different. I told her that I had been using the Hark and Zander HempTonic Face Oil. She replied - that will be it - keep using it, I can see it has made a very positive difference. So from me, thank you. I would highly recommend your product to others." Susan H

3. HempTonic can help to reduce blemishes and scarring

Our hero ingredient - organically grown NZ Hempseed Oil, is cold-pressed from the hempseed heart which gives our oil it's gorgeous golden glow.

Hempseed Oil will moisturise dry skin, combination skin or oily skin to the same effect: a radiant glow! It’s an absolute gamechanger for all skin types because this essentially means it’s an oil that won’t clog your pores. 

While it’s releasing all its nourishing goodness into your skin it is actually helping regulate oil production. It seems counterintuitive to use oil on oily skin but just like you can fight fire with fire, you can also fight oil with oil! 

The rosacia has calmed down and my skin is looking good. "I am loving the oil. I am 76, have had shingles on my face neck and chest several times and my skin is now very sensitlve. I frequently get rashes and have rosacia. There was very little I could safely use on my face. I'm very happy to tell you I have had no reaction at all, the rosacia has calmed and my skin is looking good. I like that it sinks into the skin, doesn't look greasy and smells lovely." Diane

4. HempTonic Face Oil - Beauty Shortlist Awards Editor's Choice Winner for 2022

Want further proof that our products are amazing? HempTonic is an award winner!

Actually we received not just one, but three Editor's Choice awards this year! In the Beauty category H&Z's HempTonic Face Oil, HempPurify Emulsifying Oil Cleanser and HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil were all selected to receive Editor's Choice Awards for 2022. 

These awards are 100% sponsor-free and judged by industry experts.

 “The Beauty Shortlist’s beauty and wellbeing awards serve an important purpose: to showcase excellence, honour ethical brands, promote a more organic, waste-free way of living and provide a 100% trusted, expert-ranked guide to the very best in beauty and health in a crowded, often over-hyped marketplace”⁠ Fiona Klonarides, founder, The Beauty Shortlist⁠

5. HempTonic Face Oil is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free 

In a cosmetics and skincare market where synthetic, toxic, and cheap filler ingredients prevail, Hark & Zander have said “Not for us!"

We say “NO” to:

  • Fillers
  • Toxic additives
  • Artificial colours 
  • Artificial fragrances, 
  • Synthetic preservatives 
  • And all things nasty!

"Modern beauty products today not only have to be innovative and effective, powerful and gentle, they also have to be clean and kind.”  Kirsty Harkness - Hark & Zander Founder

So there you have it - our amazing HempTonic Face Oil is soothing on sensitive skin, helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes and will brighten and even out your complexion. Amazing right! 

If you're looking to try our oils for the first time you can read more of our wonderful customer reviews here.

Plus you can buy and try with confidence as we are so confident in our product that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.