Supporting Breast Cancer Cure - For lives lived, not lost!

Supporting Breast Cancer Cure - For lives lived, not lost!

Think of the nine most important women in your life. Mother. Wife. Sister. Aunty. Friend. Partner in crime. Best boss ever. Daughter. The teacher who believed in you. One of these women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

The statistics are shocking - New Zealand has the seventh highest incidence rate of Breast Cancer in the world of one in nine. Breast Cancer is taking two of our nation’s women from us every day, whilst one woman is diagnosed with the disease every three hours.

That was enough to spur our Founder & Director Kirsty Harkness into action, becoming a Patron for the Breast Cancer Cure Charity

Kirsty recently attended NZ footwear designer, Kathryn Wilson's fundraising luncheon at the Wynard Pavilion on Auckland’s Waterfront with the fabulous Karen Doucas. An amazing $46,344 was raised for breast cancer research. Now that’s a statistic we like! 

At Hark and Zander we are committed to prioritising people as part of our Vision and Values.

Not only do we focus on our 100% natural skincare products being New Zealand made and sustainable, but one of our core values is: Kindness is Key - we value and respect people and our planet. With this in mind, supporting this incredible cause for women’s health felt like a natural fit.


Breast Cancer Cure is New Zealand’s only not-for-profit organisation established solely to find a cure for breast cancer.

All funds raised go towards the most outstanding and visionary research and researchers in the country. People like Professor Andrew Shelling who Kirsty has had the pleasure of working with for years and has seen his exceptional work at University of Auckland. Kiwi's like you and I who care and want to make a difference! 

Breast Cancer Cure enables these scientists to push the boundaries of cancer research, giving them the freedom they need to help them realise their single goal of finding a cure. Some of the New Zealand institutions to benefit from Breast Cancer Cure’s work include the University of Canterbury, the University of Otago, The Liggins Institute in Auckland, the Malaghan Institute in Wellington, University of Auckland, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington and the Canterbury District Health Board

As breast cancer grows more prevalent in New Zealand, Breast Cancer Cure’s work becomes more crucial. 87% of women diagnosed are now surviving more than five years, so while the organisation can see an end in sight, they are not there yet. 

"We are slowing the death rate down by 1% per year."
– Phillipa Green - CEO of Breast Cancer Cure

You can read more about the charity and how you too can support them.