Oil for Oily Skin... yes, it's counterintuitive but it WORKS!

Oil for Oily Skin... yes, it's counterintuitive but it WORKS!

Oily skin and HempTonic Face Oil… The Counterintuitive Solution

I know, I know… You would never use an oil to combat oily skin, right? ...Wrong! For generations we’ve been sold products that strip everything from your skin to try and solve the issue. Everyone who’s had oily skin knows that sensation of twitching your nose after using a “for oily skin types” product and feeling like an autumn leaf – tight and crunchy – until you relieve your skin with a thick layer of moisturizer. Am I right?

Well, along comes Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil to turn all that on its head. First let’s talk skin type and then we’ll get into how it works for oily skin specifically.

Skin Type

Everyone’s skin is different and as our largest organ it is important that we learn how to care for it through the seasonal changes it goes through. HempTonic Face Oil has been designed with all skin types in mind: to balance oil production and nourish your skin with natural botanicals.

There are three main skin types commonly known as Oily, Normal/Combination and Dry (not to mention the various skin conditions we may face). In reality we often have a mixture of skin types at once - some with an oily forehead and dry cheeks or oily skin all day and dry skin at night. And to complicate things even further we often move through the types as we age. The variations are endless and not fixed.

Oily Skin

“Putting oil on oily skin will make me break out… won’t it?” This is one of our most common questions.

Short answer, ‘No!’  In fact, the long answer is ‘No!’ too, but let me explain…

If your skin is oily, adding the right sort of face oil to your skin won’t make your skin oiler… Hooray! I know you’re jumping from you seat with excitement right now! But stick with me while I get to the reasons it’s so effective.

The simple reason why HempTonic Face Oil is so effective as a cleanser is that oil breaks down oil.  So, HempTonic effortlessly lifts away impurities - dirt, SPF, makeup (even stubborn eye makeup) - from the day with ease: it wipes away the bad stuff without stripping away any of the good stuff. No more crunchy-autumn-leaf feeling after cleansing for you!

And the reason it’s so effective as a cleanser and as a moisturizer as well comes down to the types of oils we’ve combined to make HempTonic. Not all oils are created equal. Some oils are heavy and hard for your skin to absorb. Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil uses the best sort of oils for skin in a combination that is heavenly for all skin types. Hempseed oil and grapeseed oil, for example, are both non-comedogenic oils. This means they are lowest on ‘the skin clogging’ scale. HempTonic Face Oil is a supremely light oil so it absorbs easily and feeds your skin with 9 vitamin-rich plant oils plus some vitamin E.  All these ingredients together mean that HempTonic Face Oil is jam-pack-full of essential fatty acids, omegas and antioxidants to protect your skin’s natural barrier and help regulate oil production… Boom! And the result is pure glow… not grease!


Dry/ Combination Skin

And for the dry/ combination skin types… I’ll focus more on you in a coming blog but just so you know we haven’t forgotten you…

Using HempTonic Face Oil adds more moisture and nutrition to the skin by absorbing quickly into the skin. This traps the water in the lower layers of the dermis keeping your skin hydrated. Think of it as a protective barrier and that’s why it’s best to leave your oil moisturization step to last. Apply water-based toners and serums first to hydrate your skin then lock in the goodness with HempTonic.


A nervous first-timer?

For those who are keen to give it a go but are a bit hesitant about change, becoming your own mixologist can be the best place to start. Simply add a couple of drops to your moisturizer for the first week then level up over the course of a week or two until you’re using three drops of HempTonic after your toner and serums as your regular moisturiser. Why not check out the HempTonic Method, it gives you dual directions for cleansing and moiturising to get the most from your HempTonic Face Oil.


Get in touch

Let us know if you’re new to the oil cleansing method or if you’ve always used a face oil. We’d love to hear how you’ve found it and what your skin type is.