Organically grown NZ Hemp in vineyard

Hempseed oil is hempseed oil... isn't it? Looking deeper into our premium, organically grown hempseed oil.

At Hark & Zander we are so dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our hempseed oil is the best we can possibly get our eager hands on.

We committed from the start to use organically grown hempseed oil from New Zealand. While Kirsty grows a cover crop in vineyards in Marlborough and is undertaking research gaining international attention, we source our hempseed from the lush, hempseed-perfect climate of Whanganui on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Think rural idyls, fresh coastal air, a place that loves their river so much it’s been granted personhood, and farmers who care passionately about all things hemp. 

  • Could we have followed the norm and more easily sourced our hempseed oil from China or Canada? Yes. 
  • Would it have been cheaper? Yes. 
  • Would it already have been processed in a form we needed for our products? Yes. 
  • Was it as good? Not even close! 
  • Does using organically grown NZ hempseed mean we can ensure quality and know exactly where and how it’s grown? You bet!

We wanted the best and we wanted to support kiwi business along the way. And we’re so pleased we did. Our organically grown New Zealand hempseed oil lifts our skincare into the realms of the sublime.  

Insisting on using organically grown New Zealand hempseed oil in all our products means we’ve also used our most expensive ingredient in place of other cheaper alternatives known in the industry as ‘fillers’. We, at Hark & Zander, are purists with our ingredients.

We have a saying: “Purity is our Priority”... and we mean it. We can’t get enough of the good stuff so we jam pack our products with organically grown New Zealand hempseed oil. Then, with a whole lot of science and a splash of je ne sais quoi, we blend it to perfection with natures best offerings to make sure your skin is getting the best nourishment we can give it… naturally!

Yes, we’ve sung its praises before but here’s a little summary as to why this wonder crop is soooooo good for people and planet:

Your skin:

  • It contains Omega 3 and six essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants in a combination that skin simply LOVES! 
  • It has the lowest comedogenic level which means it won’t clog your pores and it helps regulate oil production.
  • Its calming properties can help reduce skin aggravation from ailments like scarring, blemishes and dry scaly skin. 
  • It is packed with anti-aging amino acids to help keep your skin healthy and happy. 

And don’t forget how good it is for our planet: 

  • It requires less water to thrive than most other crops: 1/20th of the amount required by cotton. 
  • It has soil remediation properties
  • It removes four times more CO2 than pine
  • It is so robust it doesn’t actually need any nasty sprays to keep it healthy.

Knowing the reasons why organically grown hempseed oil is so good for people and planet makes us think it’s some sort of gift to the us from God. But it’s not just hyperbole… it’s science!

We know… it’s amazing! Hands up for organically grown NZ hempseed oil!