The Importance of Skincare for Men!

The Importance of Skincare for Men!

Here at Hark & Zander, we often get questions regarding whether our skincare is suitable for men. The answer is a resounding yes! Our skincare is perfect for everyone's skin, regardless of gender. 

Despite this, many men tend to overlook the benefits of incorporating skincare into their daily routines. 

Here are some reasons why men should prioritise skincare:

Protection from sun damage:

Many men either work outside or frequently enjoy the outdoors, ultimately exposing themselves to the sun. Exposure to the sun's harmful rays can cause skin damage and premature ageing. By using sunscreen with SPF, men can protect their skin from this damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Prevention of skin issues:

Skincare can help prevent skin issues such as acne, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. By using the right products and techniques, men can reduce the occurrence of these issues and maintain healthy and clear skin. Additionally, cleansing twice daily will help remove any dirt or excess oil on the face and prevent clogged pores. 

So, what steps should men take to maintain healthy skin?

  1. Cleanse your skin twice daily with a gentle cleanser (like the H&Z HempPurify) to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities.
  2. Use a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and protected (such as the H&Z Day Crème).
  3. Wear sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

What makes Hark & Zander's skincare great for men?

  • We don't use artificial fragrances in our products, and the natural scents come from fabulous botanicals, giving them all a fresh and clean scent that is light and perfect for everyone. 
  • The products pack the most incredible active ingredients but are very easy to use - making them perfect for both advanced skincare connoisseurs and novices! 
  • They can all be used daily, which makes creating a long-term skincare routine easy and effective.

So, why not try it and see the benefits for yourself? Your skin will thank you!

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