PRESS RELEASE: Hark & Zander's Two Clean + Conscious Gold Awards

PRESS RELEASE: Hark & Zander's Two Clean + Conscious Gold Awards


Hark & Zander is thrilled to announce its outstanding achievement in the prestigious Clean + Conscious Awards. The winners were revealed today, Wednesday 13th September, and Hark & Zander emerged victorious with two remarkable Gold awards in the Cleansing Oil and Vegan Skincare categories. Additionally, both products, the Cleansing Oil and HempTonic Face Oil, have been bestowed with the coveted Editor's Choice awards.

The Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the skincare industry, recognising brands and products that prioritise sustainability, clean ingredients, and ethical practices. Hark & Zander's commitment to these principles has garnered it some of the highest accolades in this year's awards.

In the Cleansing Oil category, Hark & Zander's HempPurify Oil Cleanser proved to be a standout, winning the Gold award. The product's exceptional formulation, comprising natural and clean ingredients, has made it a favourite among skincare enthusiasts. It not only effectively cleanses the skin but also nourishes and revitalises the skin, setting new standards for cleansing oils that don’t compromise on either effectiveness or sustainability.

Hark & Zander's dedication to eco-friendly and cruelty-free practices shone through in the Vegan Skincare category. Their HempTonic Face Oil, enriched with the power of hemp and clean ingredients, secured the Gold award in this category. This recognition reinforces Hark & Zander's commitment to creating high-quality skincare products that align with the values of conscious consumers.

Both the Cleansing Oil and HempTonic Face Oil have also earned the coveted Editor's Choice awards, further solidifying their status as industry-leading products. The Editor's Choice awards are a testament to the products' efficacy, safety, and overall excellence, as recognised by industry experts.

Hark & Zander's success in the Clean + Conscious Awards underscores its leadership in the skincare industry and its mission to provide consumers with clean, conscious, and highly effective skincare solutions. With these accolades, Hark & Zander looks forward to continuing its journey towards a sustainable and conscientious skincare future.

You can read the judges feedback here.

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