Media talk to Kirsty Harkness about her vineyard trials that lead to skincare.

Media talk to Kirsty Harkness about her vineyard trials that lead to skincare.

Proclaims Exporter Today  as their leading line: 
"A new skincare line inspired by a government-funded... research project into the restoration of soil in vineyards has launched for the export market." 
There is much interest in our story about the origins of Hark & Zander's wonderful new HempTonic Face Oil.

"Cosmetic brand Hark & Zander was founded after a successful trial... as a way of improving soil quality and vineyard biodiversity was co-funded by Callaghan Innovation, the government’s R&D agency. 

Company co-founder and Marlborough vineyard manager Kirsty Harkness first began looking at [it] as an alternative to seaweed fertilizers, effective microorganisms and estate-made compost which rejuvenate the soil but without taking nutrients or moisture from the vines or negatively impacting the grapes or wine."

In the interview, we talk further about how regenerative farming such as this is better for the land.

The story was also covered in NZ Doctor this week. They are taking an interest in hemp due to its natural wellness attributes. 

“In the same way the human body needs to be healthy to be resistant to disease and infection, the soil also responds to this methodology. Once we were confident the [it] wouldn't take nutrients or moisture from the vines, we began looking at the potential benefits of [it] for the body as well,” she says.

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