H&Z + Organic Bioactives - Bringing You NZ's Most Innovative & Effective Skincare!

H&Z + Organic Bioactives - Bringing You NZ's Most Innovative & Effective Skincare!

Have you heard the news? Our stunning new HempBright Face The Day Crème & HempRestore Good Night Crème are here! 

We worked on these game-changing new products for over a year to ensure the formulas are the best of the best for you and your skin!

At H&Z we love working with New Zealand’s most unique and inspiring companies, so along with our hero ingredient, organically grown Hawke’s Bay Hempheart Oil, we partnered with the amazing team from Organic Bioactives to bring you the most innovative, scientifically proven native botanicals. 

In fact Organic Bioactives are so innovative that they won the L’Orèal Innovation Runway in 2020. 

Founded in New Zealand by Andrea Taimana, an award-winning Cosmetic Chemist, Organic Bioactives are at the leading edge of research into innovative skincare bioactives from distinctive native New Zealand marine and land botanicals.

They are passionate about the unique flora and fauna found in Aotearoa and adhere to traditional indigenous harvesting practices.  For this reason, they leave the process of harvesting with Māori communities who still carry the traditional knowledge on how to approach our habitat respectfully and sustainably.  Their natural bioactives are non GMO, NATRUE and COSMOS approved.

Organic Bioactives maximise the effectiveness of New Zealand’s beautiful raw ingredients using their patented, cold process “TPT Xtraction™” which allows them to extract the bioactives without the use of chemical solvents. 

Sounds amazing right!? We love their work so much that we incorporated two of their scientifically proven OceanDerMX® blends into our latest duo of products.

Our Hemp Bright Face The Day Crème features OceanDerMX® Balance & Brighten which combines renowned skin brightening botanicals - New Zealand native Red Seaweed, Gotu Kola and Liquorice Root with Mamaku/Black Fern to effectively combat uneven skin tone and imperfections.

  • Diminishes Blemishes - HempBright is a a light crème packed full of natural goodness, helping to diminish blemishes & hyperpigmentation.
  • Vitality & Glow - World-class, clinically proven skin brightening botanicals to enhance your skin vitality & glow.
  • Lasting Hydration - Luxurious formulation to boost skin with immediate & long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin radiant & supple.

Our HempRestore Good Night Crème features OceanDerMX® Restore&Protect which combines NZ native Red Seaweed and Mamaku/Black Fern with New Zealand grown certified organic Blackcurrant and Green Tea to maximise restoration and protection of the skin.

  • Restores & Protects - HempRestore is a luxurious crème packed full of potent antioxidant & pollution protecting elements like NZ Native Red Seaweed & Green Tea proven to soothe, restore & detoxify your skin while you sleep.
  • Anti-ageing - Rich formulation uses the finest NZ land & sea botanicals including Black Fern & Blackcurrant to visibly improve skin appearance.
  • Plumps & Hydrates - Harnesses the powerful properties of NZ bioactives proven to revitalise & plump the skin with immediate & long-lasting hydration.

Andrea Taimana, CSO & Founder of Organic Bioactives congratulated Hark & Zander on the successful product launch. 

“It’s inspiring to see so many New Zealand skincare brands innovating with clean beauty ingredients, sourced here within New Zealand. We are very proud to be part of this exciting new product line with our clinically proven OceanDerMX® range of native marine and land bioactives.”

If you want to experience the best of New Zealand’s native bioactives, combined with our beautiful Hempheart Oil you can learn more and shop here. Your skin will thank you for it!