Ingredient highlight: Why Vitamin C is so good for your skin.

Ingredient highlight: Why Vitamin C is so good for your skin.

With so many skincare fads coming and going and the latest ‘on-trend’ miracle ingredients constantly being lauded on social media, it is understandably easy to become overwhelmed with all the noise about what you should, (and shouldn’t), include in your skincare routine.

At Hark & Zander we are all about natural ingredients that are packed with vitamins and nutrients, which have stood the test of time. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to improve texture, brighten complexion and leave your skin radiant and smooth.

Our HempTonic Face Oil and HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil contain 100% pure plant extracts - so lots of vitamin-rich superfood plant oils all expertly blended and each playing a vital role in restoring and nourishing your skin.

We thought it was time to breakdown some of those vitamins and nutrients and tell you why your skin will love them… starting with Vitamin C. 

Why is Vitamin C so good for your skin? 

We all know Vitamin C is an essential part of a healthy diet to protect us from ills and chills, but did you know that it is also one of the best vitamins for your skin’s health? 

Antioxidant properties 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which is proven to neutralise free radicals and environmental pollutants which contribute to ageing - like fossil fuels, cigarette smoke and sun damage (and let’s face it, we know all about sun damage in Aotearoa). The antioxidants found in Vitamin C can also help to reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots which appear on our skin as we age. 

Brightens and promotes healing 

Topical Vitamin C can also boost cell renewal, reduce redness and dark circles giving skin a brighter appearance and promoting healing. 

Collagen production

Vitamin C also helps to boost your skin’s natural collagen production, which slows down as we age. Collagen is essential for firm, youthful skin - it really is holy grail stuff! 

What is the difference for your skin between taking Vitamin C orally and topically? 

Taking Vitamin C orally, whether in your diet or in supplements, is important for your overall health. But because Vitamin C is water-soluble, very little actually reaches the skin when taken orally. 

By including it in your skincare routine, you are taking it straight to the source - your skin will drink it right up making the most of it’s amazing benefits! 

How does Hark & Zander incorporate Vitamin C into their products?

Sea Buckthorn Oil (used in HempTonic Face Oil)

The berries from the Sea Buckthorn plant actually contain up to a whopping 12 times the amount of Vitamin C found in Oranges! 

This amazing ingredient is best known in skincare for healing scarring, repairing sun damage, boosting collagen and retaining the skin’s moisture. One of its many secrets is that it contains carotenoids, these are important antioxidants absorbed by the top layers of your skin to help combat aging.

Evening Primrose Oil (used in HempTonic Face Oil)

Evening Primrose Oil combines the healing properties of Vitamins C & E with essential fatty acids to treat sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Grapefruit Peel Oil (used in HempTonic Face Oil & HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil)

Aside from hijacking your senses with a delicious citrus hit, Grapefruit Peel Oil also brings the heavy weight of antioxidant Vitamin C to the mix to nourish and protect your skin. 

Apricot Kernel Oil (used in HempLavish Nourishing Body Oil)

For deep nourishment of the skin it’s hard to beat Apricot Kernel Oil. It’s light and easily absorbed with Vitamins A, C and E working in partnership to quickly make your skin soft and smooth. 

Avocado Oil (used in HempPurify Emulsifying Oil Cleanser, coming next month)

Yes! Who'd have thought? Avocado Oil contains vitamin C aside from all its other superfood renown.

Te Puke Kiwifruit Extract (coming soon)

Kiwifruit Extract is an excellent source of antioxidants for skin, including Vitamin C and several polyphenols. 

So there you have it… Vitamin C is a MUST in your skin care routine. Combined with our organically grown Whanganui Hempseed Oil, this powerhouse ingredient will give you the radiant, glowing skin you dream of in no time. Still not convinced? 

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N.B. Sensitive skin can sometimes react to Vitamin C so we recommend that you always do a patch test to check for signs of irritation or redness before using it on your face.