How to Build Your Ideal Skincare Routine

How to Build Your Ideal Skincare Routine

Why you should build a skincare routine:

With 2023 fully underway, many of us are looking to overhaul our skincare routines and create something that will be sustainable for us longterm. The endless amounts of skincare advice constantly being peddled towards us can be daunting. With new products and skincare concerns popping up daily, it can be overwhelming just trying to establish a solid routine for yourself.

Setting up a “proper” skincare routine is important to make the most out of your products and allow them to do the most for your skin. For example, many products require that you use them for at least six weeks before you can really start seeing optimal results. This time frame also allows you to decide whether or not a new product is working for your skin and your routine.

As your season of life changes, so will your skin concerns. However, the basics of skincare will always be cleansing, toning, and moisturising. From there, you can decide on which skin concerns you want to focus on from within the products you choose and any additional treatments you may add to your routine.

The Routine: Cleanse, tone, and moisturise.

We recommend a gentle yet effective cleanser that can remove any daily residue, whether that be any facial oils from the day, a full face of makeup, or anything in-between. The Hark & Zander Purifying Oil Cleanser is perfect for filling this position thanks to its versatility as an everyday cleanser and makeup remover.

Follow this up with a toner that will nourish your skin rather than strip it. Our Refreshing Gel Toner does precisely this with its hydrating Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid formulation.

Here is your opportunity to follow up with any treatments that go underneath a moisturiser, such as a topical cream or serum. Keep an eye out for our exciting new serum coming to our collection in 2023!

Finally, complete your routine with a nourishing moisturiser that will set you up for a blank canvas ready for the day or balanced skin ready for sleep. This could be the same moisturiser morning and night (such as our Face Oil) or one which corresponds with the time of application, such as our Brightening Day Crème in the morning and our Restoring Night Crème in the evening.

Final tips:

Try to use products (particularly your moisturiser and toner, which you will not be washing off) that are non-comedogenic so that you can be assured that what you are putting on your face isn’t going to clog your pores.

Ensure that you have carefully considered any additional treatments you wish to add to your routine and that you understand the frequency with which they should be applied (every day, every week, etc.).

While establishing a routine may not happen overnight, as with all new habits, consistency is key.


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