Facial oils - why are they so good for your skin?

Facial oils - why are they so good for your skin?

Facial oils seem to be everywhere these days and for good reason.

While many of us would have shrieked in horror if someone had so much as suggested we add an oil to our skincare routine a decade ago, oils have actually been used in skincare throughout history. Even the Ancient Egyptians reportedly used oils to preserve their youth. 

But is facial oil really for everyone?

Sebum is a naturally occurring oil which is produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands to help prevent water loss, moisturise and protect your skin. Hormones, age, stress, illness and other external factors can affect our sebum production, leaving us with dry, damaged, oily, blemish-prone or even sensitive skin. 

Which skin-types can facial oil be used on? 

Dry, damaged skin

Dry skin is the most obvious skin-type to reap the rewards of using a facial oil. Dry skin can be caused by environmental factors, over-washing, allergies or the skin not producing enough natural lipids and oils to protect the skin barrier. 

Our HempTonic Face Oil is an easily absorbed facial oil packed with essential fatty acids, omegas, vitamins and nutrients which can help re-store the skin’s protective barrier, locking in moisture and nourishing your skin - without leaving it looking oily.  

“I purchased 2 bottles of this beautiful oil and we absolutely love it! I have had very dry skin and dermatitis since reaching mid-forties, this is hands down the best product I've tried. Dramatic improvement in only weeks! …Well done, you have created an amazing product!” - Olywn Andrews - 5* Google Review

Oily and blemish prone skin

Most people would agree that it seems counterintuitive to add more oil to oily skin and we can understand why. 

The traditional concept is to strip oily skin of excess oil… squeaky clean right? Wrong!

By stripping skin of its natural oils, it will simply produce more. The answer? Fight oil with oil!

Our dual purpose HempTonic Face Oil can be used as both a cleanser and a moisturiser. HempTonic will lift away impurities - dirt, SPF and makeup with ease, without stripping any of the good stuff from your skin. 

HempTonic uses the best sort of oils for skin in a combination that is heavenly for all skin types. Hempseed Oil and Grapeseed Oil, for example are both non-comedogenic oils meaning that they won’t clog your pores and will actually help to regulate your skins natural oil production. 

“Hark and Zander HempTonic is one magical potion. I am someone who has very sensitive oily skin and I need to be careful with the products I use. This tonic absorbs into my skin so beautifully. My entire adult life I have had small black heads on my nose, which were impossible to break down, even with an exfoliator. After using this hemptonic for only one week, all the black heads have just vanished, I was actually shocked. I highly recommend this product. Use it as a cleanser and a moisturiser. You will not regret it." - Ellen Main - 5* Email Review 

Sensitive skin

While we would always recommend that anyone with sensitive skin patch test any new skincare product before applying it to their face, we get some of our most amazing feedback from customers who have tried so many products, only to react and break out in all sorts of horrors. 

In fact our HempTonic Face Oil was specifically developed with sensitive skin in mind. Dissatisfied with how her skin reacted to many modern beauty products, our founder Kirsty began investigating ways to blend Hempseed Oil with other essential oils for optimal skin benefit.

“This oil is superb! I have difficult skin - highly sensitive to both environment and product - sometimes dry (especially in winter once the heat pump goes on), at other times combination with occasional break outs. This stuff works beautifully on my complex, ever changing complexion! It sinks in effortlessly leaving my skin smooth, perfectly moisturised and well nourished.” - Lucy Moore - 5* Google Review

“ I am loving the oil. I am 76, have had shingles on my face neck and chest several times, my skin is now very sensitlve, I frequently get rashes, and have rosacia. There was very little I could safely use on my face. I'm very happy to tell you I have had no reaction at all, the rosacia has calmed and my skin is looking good. I like that it sinks into the skin, doesn't look greasy and smells lovely. A bonus is that I drop it on the back of my hand to more easily transfer to my face, my hands are now looking much better too”.  - Diane - 5* Email Review

Although results may vary, these are verified reviews from our customers.

How often should I use a facial oil?

We recommend using our HempTonic Face Oil twice daily. Follow our dual-directions for cleansing and moisturising morning and night. 

All our Hark and Zander products are sourced from nature and proven by science plus we are proudly New Zealand made.

Hark & Zander HempTonic Face Oil contains nine vitamin-rich superfood plant oils, each of which play a vital role in restoring and nourishing your skin. Even better, it’s cruelty free, with no artificial colour or fragrance.

Although results may vary, these are verified reviews from our customers. If you are considering trying out products for the first time you can read more of our amazing customer reviews here. Plus you can buy and try with confidence as we too are so confident in our product, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

Or head over to the Woman Magazine Article where our founder, Kirsty Harkness, talks about the wonderful benefits of Hempseed Oil for your skin! 

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