Dark Under-Eye Circles - Causes and Treatment

Dark Under-Eye Circles - Causes and Treatment

What causes dark circles?

Dark under-eye circles can take many forms and colours and can be caused in different ways. Dark circles are commonly associated with lack of sleep and fatigue but can also be connected to the ageing process, dehydration, skin conditions, and genetics.

While there is nothing wrong with dark circles, many people do choose to conceal or correct them. For those who do wish to alleviate them, understanding why they are there can be incredibly helpful for treating them.

 Much of figuring out why you have dark circles will come down to how well you know your skin and the process of elimination. For example, if you know you get ample sleep, then yours may not be from fatigue or lack of sleep. Do not be discouraged if the first method you try does not eradicate your skin concerns - skincare is a constant journey!

 How can dark under-eye circles be alleviated?

 For many people, dark under-eye circles will be connected to their day-to-day routine, primarily centred around their sleeping and eating habits. Thus, getting 8+ hours of sleep and eating a varied healthy diet is key for lessening dark circles. Ensuring that we get enough water is also crucial because dehydration cannot only increase fatigue and brain fog but can also significantly impact the brightness of our skin and skin elasticity. 

Hyperpigmentation and Dermatitis

If your dark circles are caused by either hyperpigmentation or dermatitis, it is possible to use a topical treatment product to alleviate symptoms. Hark & Zander offers a range of products designed for sensitive skin that may be an incredibly helpful addition to your everyday skincare routine.

The Hark & Zander Brightening Day Crème could be the perfect addition to your morning skincare if you think your dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation. The brightening and balancing aspects of the moisturiser are ideal for smoothing out uneven skin tone, dark spots and lessening hyperpigmentation.

If you believe your dark circles may be caused by dermatitis, then the Hark & Zander Face Oil could be an amazing tool to soothe your skin. Packed full of healing and nourishing ingredients like Hempheart Oil, we have seen excellent results for those with sensitive and damaged skin. The application of our Face Oil, morning and night, can significantly improve dermatitis symptoms and dark circles if that is their cause.

If you would like to read more about Hark & Zander's incredible products, check out our blog post on the results of our Face Oil on dry and damaged skin!