Kirsty Harkness
Hemp Grower & Director
Starting her career as a registered nurse, Kirsty has always cared about health and wellbeing. Moving from health to business, she has over twenty years’ experience as a photographer and business woman. In 2007 she co-founded a vineyard in the beautiful wine region of Marlborough, New Zealand and produces premium Sauvignon Blanc. Then three years ago Kirsty fell in love with the potential of hemp and became NZ’s first licenced hemp grower in vineyards. She has always had a passion to learn and do more to heal our bodies and heal our land… and hemp does both!
Keegan Ryding
Front of House
Keegan is our 'Jill of all trades'. In the past she has run her own day care centre, scheduled the airport runways of Auckland and Norfolk Island, nannied Jen’s children and assisted Kirsty for years across her businesses. She loves being our front of house, and sees to it that your Hark & Zander skincare gets to you securely and in good time.
Jen Gibbs
Project Manager
Jen is our project ninja. Coming from managing programmes of work internationally on $600M budgets, she joined our team in the throws of product creation. She has pulled out every stop to help us develop and deliver our beautiful oil creations: from the lab and into your hands.

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