Sustainable Packaging at Hark & Zander!

Sustainable Packaging at Hark & Zander!

The beauty and skincare industry is incredible for inspiring creativity and individuality, and at Hark & Zander, we are super passionate about natural and clean skincare. However, we are also very conscious of sustainability when creating our products and our packaging. This is because the beauty industry heavily relies on an excess of packaging materials to store and distribute its products, ultimately creating a lot of waste that can be harmful to the environment. 

Here are some key points about why sustainable packaging is essential for the beauty industry:

  • Sustainable packaging materials are environmentally friendly and have minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.
  • The beauty industry contributes significantly to the global plastic waste problem. According to a study carried out during Zero Waste Week, the beauty industry, as a whole (makeup, hair-care, skincare), creates more than 120 billion units of waste packaging annually. Sustainable packaging can help to reduce this waste by providing biodegradable or compostable alternatives.
  • Sustainable packaging materials can reduce the carbon footprint of the beauty industry by using renewable energy sources and emitting fewer greenhouse gases during production.

At Hark & Zander, we ensure that all of our packaging is ethically made and that it is recyclable. This includes the bottles our products are stored in, the boxes they come in, and the shipping boxes we use to send orders to clients. Our protective mailers are even biodegradable! These are all essential for maintaining the values of our company and overall environmental preservation. We are so happy to see so many other beauty companies also making more sustainable decisions and leaving our planet in better shape than we found it!

If you would like to read more about how Hark & Zander is incorporating sustainable practices, we have another blog on how we use upcycled ingredients in our skincare - good for your face and the planet!