Say "I Love You" This Valentine's Day with Hark & Zander

Say "I Love You" This Valentine's Day with Hark & Zander


Love. /lʌv/ Noun: An intense feeling of deep affection.

It’s that time of year where flowers, chocolates and all treats lavish abound. Restaurants break out aphrodisiac menus, the brave and hopeful attempt to woo the ones they love, and people take the chance to remember and appreciate each other in displays of affection from the subtle to the elaborate. We like to think of H&Z’s Bundle’s as the perfect ‘Thoughtfully Lavish’ gift. 

All products purchased for Valentine's will include a free bar of Bennetts chocolate and be gift boxed by our team. 

The sanitised child-friendly version of the legend of St Valentine is that he was a third century Roman priest who, when Emperor Claudius II banned marriage under the notion that married men made bad soldiers, flouted the rules and performed marriages in secret. He was duly thrown in jail and sentenced to death where he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. As he was marched to his death on 14 February he left his beloved a note: “From your Valentine.”  Popularised and sweetened by Chaucer and Shakespeare and industrialised by Hallmark, Valentine’s day is still (almost two millennia later) the day to say “I love you.”

Wondering what to get for the special someone in your life? At Hark & Zander we’ve devised the most lavish of bundles for the ultimate “I love you”. For men and women alike, here’s what customers have to say:

"Love this oil. I am about to order my 3rd lot of face oil , it lasts ages but most of all it feels to hydrating ! I am 65 years of age and this is the best I have ever come across!" Jenny F - Online

“It feels like you are luxuriating your skin. This product is also great at moisturising after a shave! Maybe it's the lack of dodgy chemicals that makes it so good.” - Ant S - Email

“HempTonic has been a skin saver for me - it has balanced out my skin. Overall my skin looks and feels better and brighter.” - Jason G - Email

I absolutely Love the packaging - so refreshing to have something completely different and so attractive. Needless to say the face oil is divine! It is so very light, only a small amount needed and it makes a difference straight away. (In my opinion) I definitely look younger - particularly my neck! It has become my oil of choice. - Connie C - Online

HempLavish Body Oil is amazing! A non-greasy, quick absorption and a great scent that isn't overpowering. - Anna H - Online

All purchases for Valentine's will come with:

Bennetts Chocolate bar

1 x Personalised Gift Message (Optional)

Gift Boxed


Say a thoughtfully lavish “I love you” this Valentine’s Day with Hark & Zander.